At Tri-County, every student enjoys a personalized education from PreK-12th grade. With small classroom sizes, a large selection of electives, college-credit classes, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, our students are encouraged to do their best in every aspect of their life.

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Course Offerings
Onsite & Online
To offer our students the best education, we have staff onsite to teach the majority of classes, with select classes counting toward college credits.

For advanced students in grades 11 and 12, online college credit courses are available, with expenses paid for by the school. Students in these classes have an onsite advisor, as well as access to staff for questions.
Or more classes offered
to High School students.

College in the High School
classes offered.
2018 Courses
Art I - Drawing & Painting
Art II - Advanced
Art II - Independent
English 12
College Prep English
English 11
English 10
English 9
Family & Consumer Science
Child Development
Senior Strategies
Architectural Drafting & Design
Metal Technology & Welding
Wood Technology
Power Mechanics
Algebra I
Algebra I Plus
Algebra II
Statistics & Trigonometry
Senior High Math
College Algebra
Calculus I
Instrumental Music
Vocal Music
Physical Education
Physical Education 10
Elementary Physics
Biological Principles
Anatomy & Physiology I
Anatomy & Physiology II
Advanced Physiology
Environmental Science
Environmental Science II
Physical Science
World History
World Geography
American History
Forensic Science
Film Studies

Online College in
the High School
Students in grades 11 and 12 are able to enroll in Online College in the High School classes. These are classes offered by colleges, and taught by college staff. Students are enrolled in these courses through Tri-County. If a student chooses to take one or more OCHS courses, all expenses for these classes, and all class materials are purchased by Tri-County. This means students and families pay nothing for students to earn college credits.

Motivated students can leave Tri-County with a great education from us, as well as college credits at no cost to them.

Abby, 2018 Homecoming Queen, reads to the Preschool class during Homecoming week. She and the King visited each Elementary class and spent time reading, doing projects, or eating lunch with each grade.

Academic Performance
A Personalized Education
From PreK-12th grade, Tri-County students are able to get an incredibly personalized, one-to-one education, in small, comfortable classes.
Student to Teacher
Certified Classroom

Lessons In & Out of the Classroom
At Tri-County, providing students with the best education is a top priority. We believe that lessons happen both in and out of the classroom. Whether that be providing students the opportunity to explore a firetruck or ambulance, to read a new novel or get hands-on with an engine, we allow education to go beyond the walls of our building.

Staff members designated to
provide Special Education services.
Personalized for Everyone
In cooperation with the Northwest Regional Inter-District Council, Tri-County is able to provide Special Education services as well as psychological, early childhood special education, occupational therapy, speech therapy and social work services within our facility.

2019 MCA Scores
MCA rank in Elementary Math
in Northwest Minnesota.
High School MCA Reading
rank for Northwest Minnesota.
MCA rank in Elementary Science
in Northwest Minnesota.
High School MCA Science
rank for Northwest Minnesota.

2020 Athletic Programs
Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Track
Girls Track
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
Trap Shooting

2020 Non-Athletic Programs
One-Act Play
Peer Helpers
National Honor Society
Student Council
Knowledge Bowl
Spelling Bee
Music Contests

High School Sports
Our High School Sports teams have excellent players. We are confident in our programs, and their ability to create great players that excel on and off the court. Unlike many big schools, everyone at Tri-County is an important part of the team. Each player gets to show their skills, and gets focused attention from the coaches, something that larger schools cannot always offer.
Elementary Sports
Our Elementary Sports programs are dedicated to teaching the skills needed for each sport, but also to teach the values that we find important at Tri-County, like hard work, sportsmanship and dedication, to name a few.

TC Excels
TC at State
Overs the years, nearly every program at Tri-County has advanced to state tournaments. We are proud of these accomplishments. Our students, coaches, advisors, and all others involved work hard, and we are happy to see their hard work pay off.

TC at Nationals
In the last few years, our FCCLA program has brought multiple students to compete at the national level. Two TC students advanced in 2020! We applaud their hard work, and dedication. We are so proud of their accomplishment. They have represented Tri-County well.


To give students a better view of the world, Tri-County is proud to host multiple artists from the Artists in Residency program each year. The artists vary from year-to-year, working with different grades. Pictured above, elementary students paint with an artist. In the past, Tri-County has hosted spoken word artists, performers from the circus, poets and more!

Our superior Visual Arts program is second to none. In 2018 alone, two TC students were selected as Spotlight pieces at an art contest where only 12 total awards were given.
Our vocal and instrumental programs hit just the right notes, and prove time and time again that practice makes perfect. Their hard work shows. Listen to just how good they are at the winter or spring concert.
Our Culinary Arts program is part of our FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) program. Although they do not participate in contests, they leave this course with the skills needed to be better adults.


Pictured above, a SMART Board in a classroom is ready for students to experience more interactive lessons. One of the many pieces of technology at Tri-County, SMART Boards allow teachers to play videos, have a digital whiteboard, display their computer screen and more.

Technology at TC
A passion at Tri-County is to teach students using the most effective methods. To do this, we are constantly updating our facility to have various types technology, like SMART Boards, a full Mac and PC computer lab, and iPads for students and staff.
iPads being used by our
elementary students.

Computer labs available
to students all day.

Chromebooks available for
High School students.

Always connected. Always learning.
Connectivity & Security
Our building is fully equipped with wireless routers to handle the high volume of wireless activity so students are constantly connected to the internet.

To maintain a safe learning environment, we filter our internet, blocking any pages that may disrupt a students learning experience.

The safety and security of our students and staff are a top priority at Tri-County. We feel confident with our current systems, and still continually strive to increase safety. Updates are planned for our building over the 2018 summer to do just that.

To protect students and staff, our facility has multiple systems to increase safety and security.
For increased response time, students and staff frequently practice various emergency situations such as fire, lockdown and severe weather drills.
From locking doors, to having our facility under surveillence, we believe protecting students and staff is our duty and responsiblity.

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